Permanently Lubricated (PLB) HDPE Ducts

With advances in technology in modern day Telecommunications, over a period of time, it became very important to upgrade the HDPE pipes to be used particularly for Telecom applications.

The Optical Fibre Cables used for Telecommunications being very delicate and sensitive, it became necessary to modify the HDPE Pipes to be used as conduits for optical fibre cables. This led to the development of Permanently Lubricated (PLB) HDPE Ducts.

At Umex, PLB-HDPE Ducts are manufactured using ultra-violet (UV) stabilized grade of HDPE with required Anti Oxidant content and other recommended additives. The inner layer of ducts is duly silicon coated which minimizes the friction between OFC and the duct during the process of blowing the cable into the ducts, thus providing smooth installation of OFC in the duct without damaging the cable fibres.

Application of Permanently Lubricated (PLB) HDPE Ducts

Telecommunication, Computer Network, Automatic Signaling, Railways Information Network. Highways,
Cable Service Providers, Broad Band networks, Electric cable installation etc.

Advantages of Permanently Lubricated (PLB) HDPE Ducts

  • Reduction of stress on cable during installation.
  • Installation of Longer lengths made feasible.
  • Negotiations of cable movement through bends and deflections are easier.
  • Reduction of number of joints and minimizes number of splices.
  • Faster and easy installation of cable with lesser man power.
  • Reduction of overall cost of installation, maintenance and future upgrades.
  • Retains it’s properties throughout it’s life.
  • Existing cables can be deployed after de-blowing from the duct.
  • This does not have toxic and dermatic hazards and is safe handling.