Umex is proud to offer the best quality LLDPE Rotomould tanks for water Storage and a variety of industrial purposes. Our rotomould water tanks are IS 1207:1996 Approved and are manufactured from the best Resins approved by FDA.When it comes to water tanks, you want reliable, yet affordable, options. We offer various sizes of plastic tanks for both Residential and Industrial usage. We believe in offering affordable, reliable products that you can depend on for years to come.

We provide all the tanks in premium quality which is tested by our testing department on various parameters, in our In-House Laboratory.

Types of Tanks Manufactured by Umex

Double Layer Tank

Triple Layer Tank:

4 Layers/ 5 Layers / 6 Layers

Good Properties of Umex WaterTanks

Strong and Durable

The rotomoulding process bonds plastic through speed and heat, with the use of a mould, so the final product is more durable and less likely to fall apart. Moulded wall ribs enhance the strength of the tank. Extra ribs have been incorporated to add strength to the tank. It reduces bulging when the tank is full, and reduces any chance of bursting under pressure

Leak Resistant

Rotational-moulded polyethylene storage tanks are leak resistant because they are moulded, one-piece construction without seams. The seamless construction and superior inert qualities of polyethylene tanks means less chance of leaks.

Keeps Water Fresh

Air tight lid ensures that the water in the tank is free from dust and flies thus keeping the water fresh.

More Hygienic

Internal Anti-Microbial Layer prevents the growth of bacteria / microbes / algae etc. and preserves the tank from them. Water storability increases tremendously i.e. even the water lying stagnant in the tank remains hygienic without any bacterial formation for a long period of time.

Food grade LLDP

Eplastic ensures that the water does not get contaminated when in contact with the tank and thus they’re 100% safe for storing drinking water.

Easy Installation

Being light in weight, the rotomolded water tanks are easier to transport, install and uninstall. It is also an advantage if there is hilly or rough terrain on your property.

Lifetime Cost Effectiveness

Reduced cost to transport, less error-prone installation and reduced need for maintenance makes the Rotomoulding water tanks the most cost affective water storage tank.

Ease of Maintenance

Unlike tanks made of other materials, Rotomoulding water tanks require almost no maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly

Rotomoulding process is an environmentally friendly process as plastic is recyclable. The production of these water tanks release no chemicals, gases or dangerous toxins into the atmosphere.

UV Stabilized

Special UV-resistant grade offers excellent weathering resistance in harsh climatic condition. It protects the tank from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The UV rays of the sun cause algae to grow in water which is harmful for human use.

Tank Capacity

200 ltrs, 300 ltrs, 400 ltrs 500 ltrs, 700 ltrs, 1000 ltrs, 1500 ltrs, 1700 ltrs, 2000 ltrs, 2500 ltrs, 3000 ltrs, 4000ltrs, 5000 ltrs and 10000 ltrs

Sl no Net Capacity
Over All Diameter(In mm) Internal Diameter of Manhole(in mm)
1 200 650.85 265
2 300 650.85 265
3 400 700.98 265
4 500 800.114 370
5 700 900.114 370
6 1000 1000.12 370
7 1500 1080.145 370
8 1700 1300.15 370
9 2000 1365.15 450
10 2500 1380.161 450
11 3000 1410.18 450
12 4000 1450.192 450
13 5000 1800.211 450
14 10000 1900 450

Above mentioned all sizes are available in Single Layer and Double Layer.