Umex Conduit Coils

Sizes Available:

  1. 20mm
  2. 25mm
  3. 32mm

Technical Specification:

1) Material Used: HDPE Raw Material

Coils will be in length of 100 meter each with number printing from 1 to 100.


  • Smooth inner surface assures Low resistance to pulled-in cable.
  • Flexibility of Pipes ensures easy installation.
  • Auto Number printing after each meter assures a complete 100mtr length pipe.
  • With our HDPE conduit you can increase the pathways of existing duct systems and give yourself extra channels for future cabling needs.
  • Non-Corrosive.
  • No biological growth.
  • High tensile strength to endure heavy external loads.
  • Lower installation costs.
  • Good insulation.