Umex MDPE Pipes

MDPE Pipes

MDPE, or Medium-Density Polyethylene, is a type of common plastic that has a uniquely specific density. UMEX MDPE Pipe has very high shock- and drop-resistance properties and is less notch sensitive and far more resistant to cracking than other plastics. A versatile material, MDPE is used in a number of other industries and can be used in gas pipes and water supply. It has a sound chemical resistance Property.

UMEX MDPE PIPE Product Range –

Size: 20 mm to 500 mm

Application Areas:

  • Gas Distribution Pipe
  • Potable Water supply.

Good Properties of UMEX MDPE Pipes

  • High Impact Resistance Body which allows it to absorb thermal and mechanical weight
  • Easy to Install
  • Light weight, Flexible and durable.
  • Crack resistant.
  • Robust construction with high impact strength.
  • Suitable for cold and waste water distribution system.
  • Low friction losses due to excellent smooth internal surface.
  • Resistant to chemical reaction, bacterial growth, corrosion, rusting etc.
mdpe pipes