HDPE Pipes and Fittings

About Umex HDPE Pipes

Our range of HDPE PIPE is manufactured with a world class technology in all grades i.e. PE-63, PE-80 & PE- 100 from sizes 16mm – 600 mm.

Umex HDPE Pipes are Approved by the following IS Standards:



HDPE PIPES are used today in many industries like cable ducting, electrical ducting, water transportation, sewage transportation, submersible pumps, agriculture sprinkle system, gas & chemical transportation etc.

UMEX HDPE Pipes is a product which surpasses even International standards.

The main characteristics of UMEX HDPE Pipes are:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, resulting in a longer life.
  • Extremely light weight, hence easy to handle and transport.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Earthquake resistance.
  • High UV resistance to scaling and biological build up.
  • Emergency connection possible.
  • High impact strength.
  • No exhilaration and infiltration, helps maintain the quality of fluid conveyed.
  • High flexibility combined with strength.
  • Excellent water hammer characteristic helps, sustaining surges.
  • Shifting soils-no breakage.
  • Excellent flow characteristic leading to significant energy saving.
  • Smooth inner wall minimizes frictional losses.
  • Safe for potable water supply.

Low Pressure HDPE Pipe

Sprinkler Nozzle

Tripod Set

Sprinkler Adaptor

75/90/110mm HDPE Pipe 6/3 Mtrs Long

90° Pump Connecting Nipple (75/90/110mm)

Pump Connecting Nipple (75/90/110mm)

TEE (75/90/110mm)

In Line Valve Coupler (75/90/110mm)

Valve Opener (75/90/110mm)

90° Bend (75/90/110mm)

End Cap (75/90/110mm)

HDPE Pipe Jointing by Pipe End Welding & M. S. Flange

High Pressure HDPE Pipe

Sprinkler Adaptor 1 1/4″ (110mm)

7110/125/140/160mm HDPE Pipe 3/6 Mtrs Long

Flange Connector Female (110/125/140/160mm)

TEE (110/125/140/160mm)

In Line Valve Coupler (110/125/140/160mm)

Valve Opener (110/125/140/160mm)

90° Bend (110/125/140/160mm)

45° Bend (110/125/140/160mm)

Applications of HDPE Pipes

The advantageous properties of Umex HDPE Pipes & Ducts make them suitable for numerous applications. Some of these are:

Agriculture & Irrigation

  • Flood Irrigation (Suction & Delivery pipes in pump sets)
  • Sprinkler Irrigation (Crops, Lawns, Golf course, Gardens)
  • Drip irrigation(Plantations, Orchards, Nurseries)

Sewage & Industrial Effluent Disposal

  • Domestic Sewage System
  • Sanitary System
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Fertilizer Industry

Water Supply

  • Potable water supply
  • Water mains
  • Distribution
  • Service Pipes


  • Air-conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Extraction of Fumes
  • Telecommunication, as conduits for OFC

Drainage Pipes

  • Surface & Rain water
  • Waste Water Mains
  • Sub-soil water

Electrical Installation

  • Conduits for Cables