HDPE Pipes and Fittings

Wall Thickness of HDPE Pipes

Jointing of HDPE Pipes

Very simple jointing techniques are offered for both Permanent and Detachable joints.

Permanent Joints

These are achieved by butt welding employing fusion. Clean, leak- proof and permanent joints can be made.

Flanged Joints

  • Slip the flanges over the edges of the pipes to be joined.
  • Weld the collar (pipe end) to the pipes.
  • Bring the flange faces together and tighten with nuts and bolts.

Quick Release Couplers

These are ideal for projects which involve frequent dismantling and shifting, e.g. in Agriculture, where large areas are to be irrigated economically by using smaller pipe lengths. The couplers are duly butt welded and are readily available.