Umex Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation, also commonly referred to as micro-irrigation, trickle irrigation, low volume irrigation. This is a method of irrigation which efficiently delivers water to the soil surface or the root zone; this is done by having water drip slowly from emission devices, most commonly called “drip emitters” or “drippers”. With drip irrigation, water is conveyed under pressure through a pipe system to the fields, where it drips slowly onto the soil through emitters or drippers which are located close to the plants. Drip irrigation can be a very technical irrigation system for food or plant production field.


Generally, drip irrigation is the most appropriate irrigation method; it is especially good for arid and drought prone areas. It is applicable to almost every crop prediction. Furthermore, this system can be very technical for industrial crop production but also a simple small-scale irrigation method, which farmers can construct by themselves.

Umex Drip Irrigation PE Pipes for Laterals

UMEX Lateral pipes are produced from 100% virgin raw material. Our Pipes are IS 13487:1989 Approved

LLDPE tubing (pipes) are used as micro irrigation laterals on which sprayers, drippers or emitters are mounted directly or by means of fittings. “UMEX” LLDPE tubing are available in all sizes i.e. 12mm. 16mm. 20mm., 25mm., & 32mm.

Classification of Pipe

“UMEX” LLDPE tubings are classified by pressure rating (working pressure) at 27’C as per IS- 12786

Dimension of “UMEX” LLDPE pipes

Physical Properties

Umex Emmiter/Dripper

13487:1992 Approved

  • UMEX Dripper is manufactured from virgin plastic for stable performance.
  • Turbulent flow path with wide cross sectional area makes the dripper clog resistance.
  • Openable dripper makes it easy to clean.
  • No effect of UV radiations.
  • No environmental effects.
  • Available in 2 LPH, 4 LPH, 8 LPH and 14 LPH.

Application of Umex Emmiter/Dripper

“UMEX” brand drippers / emitters are used in irrigation system which are installed in different types of soil. It also used

  • To irrigate the plant in root zone.
  • To irrigate the black soil.
  • To prevent the water less through run-off.
  • To irrigate the sandy soil.
  • To irrigate the plant in required quantity of water.

Main features of UMEX brand drippers

  • Easy to open, easy to close, No tools required.
  • Easy to clean, just open the dripper and hold it in jet of water.
  • For cleaning, no need of closing the system or removing the dripper form lateral.
  • Clog resistant design with unique wide turbulent flow path.
  • No leakage, excellent sealing, uniform discharge even after constant use.
  • Resistant to all commonly used fertilizers and UV rays.


“UMEX” brand emitters are produced from engineering plastics and from the material, which do not support the growth of algae and bacteria. Plastics, part of the emitter that are exposed to light, is opaque and protected against the UV degradation.

Umex Drip Accessories


“UMEX” brand valves to be used in the drip irrigation system is mainly made up from poly propylene having a ball type checking. It is mainly available in each sizes vise 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm.

Poly Fittngs

All the poly fittngs which are used in different types of drip irrigation system are produced under UMEX Irrigation poly fittngs generally covers the following:

Advantages & Benefits of Umex Drip Irrigation

In this time of water and resource conservation, drip irrigation makes sense. It is generally less expensive to install than conventional subsurface PVC systems and uses much less water.

Save Money

Once the UMEX drip irrigation system is installed, you will use less water to irrigate. If you are on a well, you will notice a severe drop in your pumping costs. You will no longer need to hand watering your garden. Automate you system with an irrigation controller and eliminate the need to pay someone to while are on vacation. With the reduction of plant disease and unwanted weeds, your gardening labor and maintenance costs will also drop considerably.

Water Conservation

Umex drip irrigation allows you an efficient watering by supplying water where it is needed – at the very roots of the plants. As a result, water is not wasted on leaves or soil. This significantly reduces the chances for evaporation and run off. Both are common with traditional irrigation systems where the water is often supplied at a rate greater than the soil can absorb it.

Extremely Flexible Application

You have many options with drip irrigation tubing, fittings, and emitters. It is a versatile watering system which can easily be installed on hillsides or flat terrains. Drip is the perfect irrigation method for oddly shaped landscapes and windy areas. Existing sprinkler systems can be retrofit with drip irrigation with very little effort.

Reduce Weed Growth

When water is applied using a conventional sprinkler, everything gets wet. Since drip irrigation applies water to the root zone of your plants, the spaces in between plants remain dry. This greatly inhibits weed seed germination. If the soil remains dry, most seeds will not germinate. Landscape maintenance takes less time with drip irrigation.

Reduce Plant Stress

When plants get deep, consistent watering, they thrive.Inefficient, shallow watering can contribute to plant stress. Promote healthy growth and disease resistance plants in your garden with drip.