Infrastructure Umex Polymers

We have well equipped and State-of-the-Art imported machines to ensure the best quality and finish. With high productivity fully automatic machines we have the Capacity to undertake large orders with short lead times & complete them satisfactorily.

We have our Own R & D / Engineering cell and a fully equipped laboratory for raw material evaluations, testing of finished products innovations.

We give proper attention to the maintenance and lubrication of the machinery installed in the manufacturing unit, so that we can avoid hindrance in the production process and makes it smoother.

Our line of machinery consists of the following:

  • Fully auto synchronized Extruder complete with
      1. AC drive and DC take-up arrangement.
      2. 3 screw line system with digital temperature controller,
      3. Hopper loader,
      4. water cooling tank,
      5. caterpillar Haul off,
      6. Right angle cutter and
      7. Pipe stand.

      • Sizes from 16mm to 600mm.
      • Daily production capacity 4000 MT.
  • Fully auto Injection molding machines for making fittings.
  • Coupler Welding Arrangement Complete with
      1. welding mirror,
      2. Pyrometer,
      3. Heat controller For Pipes upto 600 mm
  • Fully Equipped Laboratory for quality testing of Raw materials and the final products.

Sl No. Test Equipments/ Chemicals
1 Hot Air Oven with Digital Temperature controller
2 Measuring Tape
3 Steel Scale
4 Ball End Micro Meter
5 Pie Tape
6 Vernier Calliper
7 Vernier Calliper ( Digital)
8 Measuring Tape
9 Impact Strength Tester
Charpy Impact Testing Machine
10 Carbon Black Content Tester
Complete with combustion Boat 75mmx9mmx8mm, combustion tube
Digital temperature Recorder 600°C
Nitrogen gas Cylinder with Regulator & Pressure Gauge
Gas Flow Meter
11 Carbon Black Dispersion Apparatus complete with Hot Plate
Microscope slides, Microscope(magnification 200X Field view 1mm die)
12 Single Pan Balance Electrical Type
13 Beaker
14 Supporting Bridge
15 Melt Flow Indexer with all tools and digital Display type temperature controller and
16 AC
17 Sheet Molding m/c with Digital temperature controller and Die
18 Opacity Tester, Digital Readout
19 Hydrostatic Characteristics, Internal Creep Rupture Test Facility complete with
Pressure testing M/C,
8 Lines Controlled Pressure,
Digital Pressure Indicator,
Complete with end Fittings
Hot Water Bath with Stirrer
20 Thermometer
21 Hydrometer
22 Facility for Testing
Fusion Compatibility with fusion welding Machine/heater, socket (required sizes)
23 Tensile Testing Machine
24 Hardness Tester with calibration block